Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning 2007

YA!!!! Christmas is here,and it was a warm one for us Iowa speaking. So Breckyn decided to go out and make snow angle's in her slippers and no coat! Of course she didn't care it was fun to be outside.

Last night we were able to go to the Festival of Lights,it was so fun the kids just love looking at all the lights.It was a great way to end a Christmas Eve with friends and family

I am sure Ginger has about had it with the kids in her kennel but they just think it is so fun to lay by her and snuggle!

This year was so fun with Breckyn she understood all the excitement that surrounds Christmas this year. That makes it so much more fun for us to see her get so excited about everything. When we came down the stairs the first thing she did was to see if Santa ate his cookies and milk,well in our case it was a mountain dew gee I wonder where she got that idea from in any case they were gone and she was happy.

Yes even Ginger received a gift from Santa she was very happy!

We had so much fun with the Morris's thank you so much for spending Christmas Eve with us. We loved making gingerbread houses, and building snowman but of all we had great food and great company!

Finally the snow is melting!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Few More Days Till Christmas......

We are watching our friend's dog Ginger for the winter break so they wouldn't have to worry about kenneling her or trying to take her on an airplane,because we all know how much fun that would be. Breckyn loves her and wants to be with her so much she crawled in the kennel and wanted a picture. Now she thinks she can be in there all the time .

Merry Christmas!!!! Here is the present we are sending to all our friends and family enjoy! Breckyn decided that she wanted to be wrapped up so that is what dad did. We tried to put her under the tree but she wasn't having that. It has been nice staying home and enjoying Bryan not being in school even though he is working its still better than both . We miss our family back home(especially the weather) but we will have fun doing our own little Christmas this year.
To all our family is Arizona you can all have a good laugh at us deciding to stay here with this weather I know we are crazy!!!!

Thank goodness i am a hermit and stay home all the time, so Bryan is the one out in the wind and snow. See we gave up our garage this year and now i am asking myself was it really worth it? Hum! I am still undecided.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This last weekend I was able to go home to AZ for my mom's wedding. It was really an amazing thing seeing her transformation over the last 6 months. We are all so happy for her and boy does she deserve it congratulations!!!! mom. Breckyn had so much fun with her cousins and I with my sisters, going home is always such a blessing. Without my mom working for the airlines we would never be able to visit, well now when the new baby comes it will be a new challenge but for now we are just grateful we can and have been able to go as much as we have.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Trying to put some meat on Hunter's bones.

He needs an IV of McDonalds Frying Oil to be honest, but I'm trying.

What a beautiful morning to go to school!!!!! I'll still take it over going to and from school in 110+ degree temperatures.

This is my school.

This area above with all the trees is the meadow area in the back of my school. Its either really white or really really green.

I am so mad that I didnt take pictures of my car before I had turned the defroster on for an hour. This was the morning after our ice storm and the ice had to have been a half inch or more thick on the car. I had to dump over 10 gallons of hot water down the door cracks before I could get the door open to get into my car to turn the heater and defroster on. Then 40 minutes after the defroster and heater had been running, I finally was able to ship ice away everywhere else. that is when I finally took pictures. You can see in the pictures where Ice has melted under the outer layer and pools of water were starting to bubble up everywhere.
We didnt have any Ice storms at all last year, so I wasnt prepared for this. I missed my classes this day!!!!!!!!!!
Ill still take the normal winter days anyday over 110+ days that go on for 6 months in AZ.

Thanksgiving In AZ was full of football for Bryan!!!!!!!!

Cardinals vs 49ers @ University of Phoenix Stadium

ASU vs USC @ Sun Devil Stadium

And Breckyn and Hunter hanging with Uncle Mike and the Animals!!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Few More Iowa Experiences

Here are some pictures of the Family!!!!!!!

Des Moines has the BEST bike riding trails in the entire country. Most of the trails are completely enclosed by trees and it seems like you are out in the middle of nowhere, but then the trail passes under the interstate and you remember your in the city. There are parks and rivers and streams everywhere along the bike trails. The kids love their little taxi attatched to my bike. The trails span the entire city in multiple different ways and go on for 100's of miles in different routes.

Breckyn in our backyard

Breckyn above in our frontyard after we planted flowers.

To the right is where we do night walks around Gray's Lake. They have a bridge that crosses one side of the lake and at night it lights up in rainbow colors along the whole bridge's path.

This is the Living History Farms, where you do a tour through an old main street with all the original buildings and dirt roads, then you walk through a 1700 Iowan Indian Farm/Village, then an 1800 Iowa Farm, and then a 1900 Iowa Farm. They are working the fields and cooking in te houses as you walk through the entire national park.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

These are just random pictures from our past few years in Iowa and on Vacation.

Here is our beach

Racoon River Beach

Here we are in Chicago

Breckyn feeding birds in the Omaha Zoo.

Breckyn loves her lipstick (actually chap stick, but she doesnt know better, so we call it lipstick and she stays happy)

It takes 30 minutes to get ready for the walk, but I think it is worth it????????

Here is Bryan's head on an Allen's body.

Here is Breckyn and Papa.

And Breckyn playing Nana's Piano.
Disneyland at Christmas of 2006

If you look above and see the beautiful weather in California during our Christmas Vacation,
and then look below to the weather as soon as we got back to Des Moines for the rest of our Christmas Break, you may be able to see a slight difference.