Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bryan's Weight Update!!!!!!

Starting Weight: 255
Now: 244

11 Pounds in under a week, I know it's not fair ladies, but I promise I will slow down soon, it always does hit a plateau.

P.S. I had bacon and cheddar french fries and half of a Large popcorn at the movies yesterday. Gotta love those flex points. Weight Watchers is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Shout Out To My In-Law's

We were able to start this spring break by taking a trip to Oklahoma City to meet up with Bryan's parents to bring us a new car! Well its a min van to be more specific, they were originally going to switch us our car for Bryan's moms car which was a full size Sudan but they had a better idea, Bryan's dad went on a search to find us a used mini van to fit our soon to be growing family. He did just that he was able to find us an amazing van in excellent condition and we are so ever grateful we love love love it! The room I can't even explain how much room we have now the kids are in heaven and I am loving not having Breckyn's feet in my back. Breckyn call 's it the silver bullet! and always wants to go some where. Not only did they find this car for us the drove way further than we did to give it to us. We can't thank them enough for this and are so happy and thankful for the love and support that we are surrounded by. The kids had so much fun seeing their nanna and papa and though it was a very short trip we had lots of fun, thank you again for everything!

Family Fun Bowling Night!!!!!!!!

So since we have had a kinda hectic week Andrea came up with a great idea to take the kids bowling, We had so much fun. Yes Hunter didn't understand why he couldn't go down the lanes and have any one's ball but it was worth it! Breckyn love love loved it she was so cute and had so much fun with her best buddy Hunter Boy! Even though these outings can be crazy I think they are so worth the effort! Thanks guys we are up for it any time!

Goodbye Snow.....Hello Spring......Hopefully!!!!!!!!

Now that the snow is FINALLY gone we can take one last look at how we will miss it! (not really!) The only thing the snow does bring is some very cute pictures.

My little man Hunter couldn't really decide if he did want to be outside or not, I think not really by the look on his face. So he went inside right after this was taken mabey next year he will enjoy it more.

Bryan's Weight Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starting Weight: 255
Now: 250