Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Off To Disneyland!!!

My mom was also able to come over to be with us for 4 days and that was GREAT! She has  never been able to come with us before we had so much fun thanks mom!! Even though it was crazy busy and lots of work I wouldn't have changed a thing it was a great Christmas with lots of memories!!

This was a picture Breckyn took of us and she was so proud of herself so I had to post it!!

Well then Christmas morning we were off to Disneyland! It was so fun we were able to be there with Bryan's parents and his sister and her family, Breckyn had so much fun with her cousins her and Tyla were joined at the hip. For those who don't know this year Tyla was diagnosed with autism and it was so amazing to see the connection between her and Breckyn I just loved it and I can't wait until be are back in AZ for them to play more.  Thanks Nana and Papa! we will see you soon.

Christmas in Arizona!!!

Where do I even begin  I left on the 6th of Dec. and was able to stay for about a month it was so fun and the weather was sooooo nice we loved it! Especially the kids they got to play outside more than I think they ever have, it was wonderful!!! We are so grateful to my sister Danielle who let us crash and disrupt her household for 2 weeks lets just say it was a little crazy but so much fun!! Breckyn and Hunter had so much fun with their cousins it was really special to see, and so sad when we had to go. Every time we leave the house Hunter will say Papa's house? He really misses his Papa thank you to Bryan's parents who put up with us also for 2 weeks we had a blast! Also a BIG thanks to my mom and grandpa Terry for flying into Omaha just to turn around and fly back with me and the the kids it was such a great help we love and miss you all.